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Reviews are so important to a small local business like mine which is competing with large global manufacturers. Please consider leaving a review on Google, Etsy, Facebook or Amazon Handmade

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To view or leave reviews on Google:

It's easy to leave a review on Google by clicking the link below:

To view or leave reviews on Etsy:

If you purchase through Etsy you will be give a unique link once the expected delivery date has passed. I try to dispatch purchases as soon as possible but unfortunately Etsy then makes it difficult for customers to leave a review as you will have to wait for the link if your order arrives early! Also, you cannot leave a review if you do not have an Etsy account and have signed in as a 'Guest'. In either case, if you wish to leave a review please use the Google link above to leave one on Google as an alternative.

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To view or leave reviews on Amazon Handmade:

If you purchase a product through Amazon Handmade, it is possible to leave a review but this will only apply to my 'Brand', rather than an individual product. However, all reviews are greatly appreciated, whichever is the simplest route for you!

To leave a review on Facebook

It's easy to leave a review on my Facebook business page, irrelevant of which site you purchased from, by clicking the link below:

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