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Final Post Before the Big Day!

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Not many photos on this one. Rory hurt his rib at football and has been quite busy so I've had to run solo. Managed two long solo runs, learned about 'pressure points', and found a book on Chi Running that really seems to be helping my foot problem! Oh, and I've lost the links to all of my photos on my previous blogs so I'm going to have to upload them again lol!

27.28km (17 miles) Solo Run!

The weather was quite hot during the middle of July so runs were quite short, particularly after our 40k around Gloucestershire. I hope it won't be too hot on the day!

Managed a little longer distance on Saturday 17th (8.8km to Minch), and then a very hot 10km down the cycle track on Monday. Decided to have a bit more of a shady run up Pensile Road and through Box Woods on Tuesday.

Felt a bit of a twinge in my left knee when running uphill. Hope it's nothing serious.

Unfortunately, the pain got worse on Thursday so I was unable to run uphill at all! A very sharp pain right behind my knee cap. Only a month to go and I have another injury! Googled it (as you do) and found a whole myriad of injuries under the umbrella of 'runners' knee'. Maybe my running technique needs some improvement because I've never really had any guidance. Desperately needed some help and advice so decided to contact Jamie again.

Kept to a nice flat 10km along the cycle track on Friday 23rd - it was very hot! No pain on the flat, but always on any sort of hill. Kept to the cycle track on the following Sunday (12km). Rested my knee for a couple of days and then ran another 12km along the cycle track on Wednesday. Discovered something called 'Chi Running' whilst on the internet. Decided to look into this further and ordered the book - can only help!

Tried running uphill again on Thursday. Found a weird way of running without pain - flat foot, toes lifted, small steps. Little did I know at this point that this was exactly what I should have been doing anyway when I started reading my Chi Running book! Jamie also replied and suggested I go to his house for a lesson on Pressure Points which he was really sure would help.

Well, after suffering excruciating pain getting rid of all my 'knots' on Saturday afternoon, I ran a very fast 6km along the cycle track on Sunday. So it seemed to work. Now I just need to find a golf ball so I can sort myself out!

By Monday 2nd August I had read enough of my Chi Running book to give it a proper go along the cycle path. So many things to remember! Feet straight, soft knees and ankles, lean from the ankles, lift pelvic area to engage abs, head in correct position, and then imagine a bungy cord pulling me along. Well, no pain and another very fast almost 12km along the cycle track! Need to keep practicing this technique as I think it will prevent me from getting any more annoying aches and pains. Ran up to the common on Tuesday with my brother Kev, who was visiting, with no problems!

Very aware that I needed to do a couple of long runs before the big day, but I'd have to do them on my own because Rory's rib was still recovering and he was also away for a couple of the weekends.

The first run on Sunday 8th August, 23.29km (14.5 miles), was via Brimscombe Port, along the cycle path to Ryeford, Ebley, Stroud and Chalford. Tried to avoid having to run up Brimscombe Hill to the Minchinhampton Common, but there was no way around it! Kitted out with my hydration jacket, I concentrated on my technique and didn't even need my gel thing for my toe!

Just over a half marathon via Brimscombe Port

Stopped for a coffee in Stroud along the canal, but it was too hot to drink and I was cooling down very fast!

A few more shortish runs over the following days and then I decided that my last longish run should be just over a week later so it wasn't too close to the Ultra. Planned to run through Lutheridge to Nympsfield and then down Tinkley Lane which I'd done before. But I decided to go a different way and, of course, I lost my bearings in the middle of a field, couldn't find a road, and had to back-track the way I came. After about 2 hours I'd only covered 11.4km so will now have to plan another long run!

Lost Somewhere in Lutheridge

Did an evening run with Rory the following Tuesday (twice around the Donkey Sanctuary) and decided to do my final long run the following Thursday (19th). Planned to do the route to Cherington, on to Tetbury, and back through Chavenage - a route which I'd run with Rory a couple of times to unlikely to get lost!

Turned out to be a lot longer than I thought (27.28km or 17 miles!) and I still lost my bearings in Tetbury! However, I concentrated on my new technique, and, once again, didn't need to use my gel thingy! I must be doing something right to be able to run that far with no pain. Felt a bit achy but no injuries!

So that was my final long run before the Greenman Ultra. Just short runs this week, making sure that I don't get any last minute niggles!

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Many thanks for reading. Sue

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