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Eco-friendly Valentine Gifts

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Valentine's Day is Almost Here!

Always looking for ways of using up bits and pieces, these Valentine cards and brooches are made from waste threads and remnant fabrics.

The hearts begin with a felt or fleece base. A 'sandwich' is then made by laying a pile of waste and remnant materials on time, which is then covered with dissolving stabiliser. The hearts are then free machined to keep everything in place and the stabiliser is removed by placing in lukewarm water.

Finally, the heart is outlined with a close zig-zag stitch onto a felt background.

Some of the hearts on the cards have a top layer of organza instead of the stabiliser, which is then free machined to quilt it onto the background.

A range of cards and brooches is available from my shop ready for Valentine's Day!


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