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Handmade Crocheted Earrings

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Crocheted Cotton Earrings

Available from my Etsy shop and from Amazon Handmade.

They are made in different sizes and colours using a range of fine cotton or metallic threads using the tiniest crochet hook I could find!

They are made by crocheting over different sizes plastic rings, and then coated with a protective waterproof layer. The petal earrings are 'pinned' out onto foamboard while still wet to make sure they keep their shape. The pins are removed when they are completely dry, and then ear wires are added.

Other designs include dangly earrings in rows of two or three rings, in different colours and sometimes different sizes too.

I am happy to accept commissions if you have a more personalised request in mind.

Crocheted Wire Earrings

I also have a few crocheted wire Christmas Tree earrings left in my shop. These are hand crocheted in 3 or 4mm gauge wire with beads and also have silver plated lead free ear wires.

With Christmas around the corner, these products would make a perfect inexpensive gift, stocking filler, or 'Secret Santa' surprise!


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