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Cotswold Wellies - Part 2

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Completed Textile Art Cotswold Wellies by Sue Bateman. Mixed fabrics, 3D medium, fabric paints, applique, free machine embroidery and mixed fibres
Completed Artwork: Cotswold Wellies

This is the second part of Cotswold Wellies describing the journey to the completion of this artwork.

The build-up of stitching was quite intensive and experimental to try and create the colours and textures of the different parts of the picture.

I began with building up the paving and fence at the back with free machining and a few additional fibres..

Next was the difficult job of trying to build up the many textures and colours on the barrel behind the boots.

Extensive free machine embroidery mixed with the 3D medium helped to build up the texture. Many different colours were used to create the surface of the barrel and the shadows behind the boots.

The next task was the mossy tree stump and the start of the boots!

The moss was created by working from the back of the work with a very loose bobbin. It was a little frustrating as the bobbin kept getting tangled, but it did end up with the right result and looks very 'mossy'!

The tree trunk is mostly free-machined with a little extra background colour to emphasise the shape, and the boots just needed some background shadow before adding the straw and foliage.

The first layer of leaves was appliqued on from the back of the work. This would lay the foundation ready for the 3D leaves that I planned to use on top.

The straw was added in layers, using silk string, and free machined in place.

I had to simplify the background foliage a little and unpick some before applying the 3D leaves. The leaves needed a little experimentation as I wasn't sure how I was going to make the correct shapes. Dyed polyester fabric was heat distorted, cut into the correct shapes through 'tea-bag' paper (which I used a lot!) and then shaped with a heat tool.

The final stage! Applying the leaves, with a final hint of colour.

And the final result . . . . . .

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Textile Artwork Cotswold Wellies by Sue Bateman,Textile Artist. Hand coloured layered fabrics with applique, 3D applique, 3D medium, silk string and free machine embroidery. Stretched onto board


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