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27K The Other Way!

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

First highlight of the week was the arrival of my medal from DBMax for taking part in iRun January. I was hoping for an additional prize of some sort as I was first in my Category (60+ female), first Female, and third overall - but no - no recognition for my achievement!

iRun January Medal from DBMax

My GPS signal has really been playing up this week - not just along the cycle track but on some of my usual routes as well. It was having a proper 'bad day' on Tuesday!

GPS Gone Berserk!

It's a bit annoying as I can't properly track what I'm doing but I suppose that's such a frivolous problem with everything else that's going on in the world at the moment. I do like going for a faster run now and then down the track though. No traffic to worry about and I can put my earbuds in (Christmas present!) with my running playlist.

The weather has been particularly unpleasant this week. It was so bad on Thursday that I decided I needed to start some 'Strength Training' to build myself up and improve my running. Have had a go at Joe Wicks (really, really difficult!) but decided to try and find something more geared towards running. Found a UK 'Running' channel on YouTube which seems to have lots of information about everything, so I put my new Saucony trainers on (don't want to get them dirty yet) and had a go at one of their routines:

. . . . . and I thought I was reasonably fit! That was really hard!

Much nicer on my Friday run to Shortwood. Daffodils and snowdrops out. Spring is here at last!

Our long run this week was the same as last week but in the opposite direction towards Chavenage and Tetbury first. A bit shorter too because we didn't end up down any dead-ends meeting cows, but so much colder than last week!

Stopped for a coffee which was a bad move! Had to wait ages at the Tetbury Goods Shed which wasn't a good idea in this weather, but I really wanted a cappuccino and my toe was hurting already! Time to get out the gel thing (looks a bit like a floppy knuckle duster but it works!). These are the only photos because it was too cold to take any more!

We were absolutely freezing by the time we went off again. Rory's legs had seized up and I couldn't feel my fingers. We knew we would warm up eventually but it was hard going as we plodded along the long road, in open countryside with a freezing cross wind, towards Cherington. At last there were some trees and a downward road for shelter!

Rest day yesterday. The weather was actually dry today (although cold) so I thought it was about time I tried my new trainers outdoors without getting them dirty. Not as bouncy as my usual Asics but perhaps I'm still a bit tired after the weekend. I'll give them a chance to break in.

My New, Clean, Lilac Saucony Trainers!

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Many thanks for reading. Sue

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