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The Continuing Saga of my Injured Foot!

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

It's been a difficult time, both physically and mentally, over the last two to three weeks since my injury and I still don't know if it's definitely a stress fracture!

Ice Pack and a Glass of Wine

Diary of events:

Friday 16th April: Fracture Clinic (Gloucester Royal) phoned to tell me that it was still inconclusive but I should treat it as a stress fracture just in case! Thankfully I was told that I did not need to wear the boot which meant that I didn't need to inject myself with blood thinners! At least I could drive now and get some exercise from walking as my foot wasn't really hurting at all. Went for a short walk through Hazel Woods and around the block.

Monday 19th April: After two days of not doing very much, but able to walk without pain (or the boot!), I decided to put trainers on and go for a serious walk before I went mad! Not being able to run and get some really good fresh air was very quickly having a seriously negative impact on my mental health. Just did a short 40 min walk up Horsley Road and back through Hazel Wood. No pain so feeling a bit more hopeful that it wasn't a stress fracture.

Tuesday 20th April: Another half hour afternoon walk up Horsley Road and around the block (lovely view of Harley Wood!), with 30 second tentative jogs every now and then.

Wednesday 21st April: First day back into work since lockdown so I knew I would be on my feet all day. No problems at all! Went for a long brisk 4.13 km walk up to Barton End and back through Washpool and Ruskin Mill afterwards, chatting with people along the way, feeding some horses and petting dogs! So nice to be outside. No pain, only the usual in my other foot! Pictures are of the waterfall on the steep road down into Washpool.

Thursday 22nd April: Another day at work, and I've been asked if I can go in again tomorrow so I think this will be a good test. Went for a walk/run around the block afterwards - 5 mins walk, couple of mins run, etc. A few twinges. Trying to be patient! Lovely leaf colours on the walls!

Friday 23rd April: Third day at work and still no problems. It was a lovely sunny day so I walked around the perimeter of the school at lunchtime and had a rest day from any running.

Saturday 24th April: More walk than run over a 5.68km distance, so now it's more like a slow run. Gradually building up the run time which is now at 8 minutes with no pain. Still worried though in case it is a fracture and I'm going to end up making it worse. Surprise message from Saul when I was in Aldi to say that he'd got into the drama course that he auditioned for today! Really good news! So pleased for him! Much more important that my silly foot!

Sunday 25th April: Slow morning amble through a familiar 5.73km running route. Up to about 15 min run then 1 min walk. Still getting niggles. Met a Heron on the way back! Can't usually get that close!

Monday 26th April: Rest day

Tuesday 27th April: Up to 18 mins running! Mustn't get too confident though because I'm still getting niggly reminders not to overdo it.

Wednesday 28th April: Now doing more run than walk over 6.21km around Shortwood. Ran for longer than planned though because the path was blocked, so I had to make a detour, so I was then short of time as I was taking Saul to Bristol shortly. Bit worried that I'd done too much as I ran about 28 mins rather than the planned 20. Foot achier than usual so I'm a bit worried.

Thursday 29th April: Foot seems ok. Rest day to make sure.

Friday 30th April: X-ray day! Thought I would finally know what my injury is because, if it is a fracture, it will show up more on the x-ray. But no. Very disappointed that I'm going to have to wait up to two weeks for a report from the Fracture Clinic. Surely my x-ray will be totally irrelevant in two weeks time! Decided to carry on being careful but gradually extending running time. Did a full 30 minute run/plod around the donkey sanctuary, being careful not to put too much pressure on my foot. Seemed fine, although I'm still getting twinges to remind me that I have an unexplained injury! Will do the same tomorrow if my foot is ok. Jamie McDonald sent me some really helpful advice through to help with pain, injury prevention, etc. using pressure points at the back of my knee. Have been reading his book about his run through Canada. My little injury is miniscule in comparison!

Saturday 1st May: 33 minute run around the donkey sanctuary again before my 2nd Covid Vaccination! Seemed a little sore afterwards. Better have another rest day tomorrow just in case. Very frustrating not knowing.

No Pain!

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Many thanks for reading. Sue

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