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40k Around Gloucestershire!

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Eastville Park, Bristol, Ultra Run Training
Eastville Park, Bristol

Longest run so far! Just a bit of tendonitis on one of my big toes - bit annoying but nothing serious.

Managed to go the wrong way again on the common! I always seem to lose my bearings when I'm up there! Anyway, it was beautiful up on the top. Found my way back to The Bear and then home through St Chloe and Watledge.

The next long run with Rory wasn't until Sunday 13th. It was very hot and we should have got out earlier. Ran to Ryeford along the cycle path and then circled around to come back along the canal. Not as long as our usual runs but it was so humid. Found a poor little stranded baby bird on the cycle path on the way. Moved it into the bushes with some water. Hope it was ok.

Glorious Breezy morning on top of the common on Tuesday 15th! So glad I made the effort. Came back down Scar Hill this time so managed not to get lost!

Up to the common again on the 16th (this is becoming a habit!) on the usual route back through St Chloe, etc. Wanted a longer run as we wouldn't be running at the weekend (going to Alton Towers!).

A few shorter runs this week, mainly to Shortwood, before our visit to Alton Towers on 22nd June with our free 'rainy day' tickets! Went up the night before (as we did last time). Rory persuaded me to take my running things so we could try and get out early in the morning from the hotel, and explore the area. Managed to get up early enough to run around Trencham Park golf course before breakfast at Weatherspoons and our visit to Alton Towers.

Rory was away the following weekend so I thought I should make an effort to do a longer run on my own. So another cow spotting run to Nympsfield on Wednesday 23rd June - another cow spotting run to Nymphsfield, passing by a very handsome bull in Lutheridge who generously posed for the camera!

Very friendly calves on the way to Nympsfield!

Short afternoon run on the 24th as my legs were feeling a bit heavy after yesterday. Then the first organised run in ages - the Lacock 10k on Sunday 28th where I got a PB!

Lovely horses on my run to Minchinhampton on the 30th, blocking the road!

Then on Sunday 4th July - a 23.4km tour of Bristol! We managed to run another half marathon distance around the more unknown streets of Bristol which was lovely! We didn't seem to take many photos which was a shame. From St George, through the centre, along the Harbourside to Portway, up to Clifton, over the Downs (then coffee in Tradewinds), through Cotham & Redland, crossed Stokes Croft to St Pauls, down to Easton. We went under the M42 at some point which was interesting! Through Eastville Park towards Fishponds, and then back along the cycle track to St George!

Did a massive run around Gloucestershire today but that will have to wait until next time!

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Many thanks for reading. Sue


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