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30km Training Run with Rory Around the Beautiful Cotswold Countryside!

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Weather cold but the forecast was good. Only a very small chance of snow according to the forecast (Yeah, well that didn't turn out to be really accurate!) so a good day for a long run with my comfy road runners and no need for a waterproof. Have made myself a laminated logo to put on my very bright fluorescent vest and off we went towards Minchinhampton!

Greenman Ultra Challenge Logo

Met some lovely cows - the ones with the big horns that are on the Common sometimes. Good job they were in a shed because we had to run past them three times due to a couple of wrong turns!

Well we were now in an area which was unknown to both of us and totally reliant on Rory's Garmin (or a phone call to Steve's Rescue Service). We were on the other side of the Common somewhere heading towards Tetbury - I think. Decided to turn off to somewhere called Nag's Head which I thought was a pub in the middle of nowhere, but it is actually a small hamlet and very pretty!

There was so much water around due to the recent snow and rain. We came across a lovely waterfall in the woods and decided to investigate.

Flooded Wood near Tetbury, Gloucestershire

It was then that I noticed a slight 'flurry' of snowflakes. Nothing to worry about though - the weather forecast said that snow was unlikely or 'nothing much'.

So here we are, in the middle of a blizzard, on our way to Tetbury, which I thought was just down the road. Well it was, but I didn't realise just how long down the road. So much for the weather forecast! I would have brought my waterproof!

Tetbury at last! Time for a nice coffee at The Goods Shed (and a loo if we could find one!).

Decided on a small Espresso after our last experience with coffee, which unfortunately turned out to be very 'tepid'. Never mind, at least there was some caffeine in it, I hope, and at least I knew where I was, sort of.

On to Chavenage, through the quagmire of mud and puddles!

The Road is Long, With Many a Winding Turn . . . . (your know the one):

Nearly home.

To make sure we got to 30km our route took us via Kingscote, Barton End, and then down through Washpool towards Ruskin Mill. Washpool is pretty at the best of times but with the amount of water around there were a few extra waterfalls which certainly weren't there before!

Weird sheep on the way home!

Strange Symmetrical Sheep at Ruskin Mill

A little bit soggy when we got back but really pleased that we'd managed a longer distance, and we'd run through some lovely countryside - and a blizzard. Achy but no blisters, which was a surprise due to my very wet feet (should have worn trail shoes). Feeling quite confident. Just hope we don't have a heat wave in August!

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Many thanks for reading. Sue

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