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After the Snow!

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Where's The Car?

Still no chance of getting the car out. As 'defrost' doesn't quite get as far as the end of our garden at this time of year, it stayed frozen for two days.

Tuesday: Ear buds in and a quick run down a very wet cycle track - cut short because they were cutting some trees down. Oh well, I needed a 'rest' day after the snowy run of yesterday!

Had thought about contacting our local legend Jamie McDonald (@AdventuremanJamieMcDonald) for some advice about everything. I know Jamie from St Peters High School, in Gloucester where we both used to work. Left him a message on Facebook and he got back to me today! Had a very long, helpful, supportive (funny of course!) and encouraging conversation with him. Some sound, down to earth and unbiased advice from his own experience which gave me some important points to think about.

Jamie McDonald at Pride of Britain Awards

Wednesday: Another rest day!! The weather was so awful. I don't mind getting a bit wet but today was ridiculous!

Thursday: Short hill run up Horsley Road. Haven't been that way for a while and I'm getting a bit bored with the cycle track.

Friday: Right! The weather has improved and I'm going to run my usual 12k down the cycle track, with ear buds in for company, and trail shoes on so I can run through the puddles. Unfortunately my GPS decided to go berserk again. The transporter in Star Trek would have had problems transporting me as quickly as Strava was predicting!

So the definite highlight this week was talking to Jamie. Thank you Jamie, you made my week!

And I did get some nice pictures of ducks at Ruskin Mill on the way home - signs of Spring!

Please consider donating to my JustGiving Page at . These charities provide life-saving support for so many people in crisis.

Many thanks for reading. Sue

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