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Almost a Full Marathon!

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

So I'm very behind documenting my running progress - time to catch up in this blog!

After a 'rest day' following our long run around Bristol on Sunday, Feb 21st, I did a did a nice 'recovery' run through Shortwood on the Tuesday, and then a short run past the Donkey Sanctuary along Newmarket on Wednesday. Unfortunately my GPS signal was all over the place this week so I might have to delete some of these runs from my Strava feed. Another short run on Thursday, and a tiny pre-marathon run (hopefully!) on Saturday ready for our long run on Sunday 28th! It was a beautiful day and time to get my running shorts and lily-white legs out at last!

We began by heading off towards Lower and Upper Lutheridge. I really like this route and wanted to show it to Rory as it goes through some beautiful countryside and no cars! Hard work going up hill for such along way, but definitely worth it. Unfortunately, we were faced with a road with no path when we got to the other side of Nympsfield. It wasn't too busy but we had to keep jumping up onto the verge to avoid any passing traffic. So we decided to turn off towards Kingscote Barn. Neither of us had run down this way before so this was new territory! We wanted to head towards Chavenage again so we were still heading in the right direction through Kingscote Village, and it turned out to be another quiet route through more beautiful, sunny countryside.

Short stop on the way to Chavenage to adjust shoes, have a drink, etc. and admire the happy tree that looked like a face!

We didn't take any more photos after this as we've done the rest of this route a couple of times before and, unfortunately, my toes started hurting earlier that usual, even with my gel thingy in. So the main aim was to continue with this longer run and get as close to a half marathon distance as possible. We ended up just four miles short at 22 miles so almost there!

So the next day was my usual rest day and then a short 'recovery' run past the donkey sanctuary last Tuesday (March 2nd). No injuries from the weekend so I'm really pleased about that!

Tried out my new Saucony trainers on a longer run up to Minchinhampton Common on Wednesday and they seemed ok. I think they will be good for short/medium runs but I definitely need to get some with a bit more support for longer runs.

Short Bath jog into town while I was there on Thursday (for mother's Covid jab) which was lovely as always, and a longer 12k along the cycle track in my new Saucony trainers on Friday, which confirmed that they may not be great for longer runs as both feet were sore!

We decided to have a break from a very long run last weekend to give ourselves a rest so, after a short run past the donkey sanctuary on Saturday, I decided to put on my old trainers and run a 14.68k (9 miles) to Nympsfield again through Lutheredge, and back through Tinkley Lane. The last time I did this it was absolutely bitter! This time was much warmer, and I met a lovely, friendly, horse along the way in Tinkley Lane.

Finally, just to get myself up-to-date, I tried my Saucony trainers on a 12k run up to a very sunny Minchinhampton Common, around The Bear Inn and back through St Chloe. They seemed a lot more comfortable so perhaps they do need time to 'break in'. I still don't think they'll be suitable for a marathon or ultra run distance though, and I can't keep wearing my old, worn out Asics, so I need to make a decision.

Past the Bear Inn and on the way to St Chloe, through Theescombe and the view of Selsley Common:

These are panoramic photos are from the top of the common:

Minchinhampton Common Panoramic Views
Minchinhampton Common Panoramic Views

Well I think I'm finally up-to-date! After a lot of 'umming and ahhhing', I've decided on a pair of Mizuno trainers for long runs. I've not tried this brand before so we shall see!

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Many thanks for reading. Sue

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