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Almost a Full Marathon Around the Cotswolds!

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

And a chance to try out my brand new hydration jacket!

Runners, Cotswolds, Ebley, Gloucestershire, Hydration Jacket, Canal Path
Canal Path at Ebley

We hadn't planned to go quite as far as we did, but we ended up just short of a whole marathon at 40.16k which is about 25 miles. Apart from some annoying pain in my big toe, I didn't feel too bad at all! A good chance to try out my new hydration jacket which is a 'female' version of Rory's so the water containers are lower down with two wobbly 'teats' so I can drink on the hoof. It fitted perfectly, with no bouncing or chafing, so I'm really pleased with it. Especially as it was half price on Amazon! It should make it a lot easier to drink more which is something I really need to do on these long runs.

We started along the cycle path from Nailsworth to Ebley, then turned back onto the canal path. At that point we thought we would just see how it went and follow the canal through to Brimscombe Port, which we'd done before.

New coffee stop at Ebley Wharf! It wasn't particularly hot today but when I took my jacket off I was soaked! Will definitely need a change of clothes on the big day! It wasn't really warm enough to dry everything off so soon got a bit chilly. Nice cake and coffee though! Lemon and poppyseed.

On towards Stroud and then Brimscombe Port. Bit of nature spotting - a Giant Dock Leaf (didn't know they existed!) and pink poppies by the canal side.

We decided to go on from Brimscombe Port to see if we could run around Minchinhampton Common rather than having to run up it and back down again! To follow the canal path we had to come off of it at Brimscombe and then find the path again. Found ourselves on a really pretty path next to the London Road which went past Chalford into some lovely countryside. We were looking for another coffee stop wanted to a bit further on for another break as we were totting up the miles really well so far. Rory suggested 'Jolly Nice'. Lovely as it is there, I remember it being miles away and in the middle of nowhere! But Google said that if we continued to follow the path, we would get there - eventually.

Beautiful countryside through Frampton Mansell. Went past an otter sanctuary - unfortunately we didn't see any otters - and a pair of swans with their brood of signets in a quiet lake. The canal at this end hadn't yet been cleared so we couldn't see much of it. The River Frome, which was on the other side of the path, was no more than a trickle at this point.

Really looking forward to a break at Jolly Nice! Unfortunately, when we finally got there, they were only doing the 'drive through' due to Covid! At least we were able to refill our water supply. Such a long ways to go and now the tendon on my big toe (on the good foot!) decided to start hurting. I was really hoping it wasn't a repeat of the previous injury on that foot. Anyway, we had a break, looked at some wonderful organic veg and tropical plants (including baby pineapple plants!) and then went on our way towards Minchinhampton.

My toe was really hurting by the time we got back, but this was the furthest distance so far, and the rest of me felt fine! Will have a good rest day tomorrow - I'm working anyway - and hopefully my toe will feel better on Tuesday.

40k route, Cotswolds, Minchinhampton, Frampton Mansell, Nailsworth, Chalford, Ebley, Stroud
40k Route Around the Cotswolds

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Many thanks for reading. Sue

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