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Ashton Court & Long Run to Stonehouse!

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Time to test my new Mizuno's on a long run around Bristol! I'd already given them a trial a couple of times around Shortwood so we'll see how I go. Really nice day again but not as warm as last week.

Ultra Run Training - Portway, Bristol

No mud this time! We headed from St George towards Temple Meads, along the river towards Portway, and then up the VERY steep path to Clifton and the Suspension Bridge. Toes starting to hurt a little so time to put on the gel thingy!

A leisurely walk over the bridge and into the grounds of Ashton Court to see the deer.

The weather had turned quite cold and so it wasn't a good idea to stop running for too long, but we had to have a good look at the deer!

After a coffee stop in Clifton Village we decided to head back. My foot was beginning to hurt a little but I'm still getting used to the my new trainers so this wasn't surprising.

New Mizuno Trainers!

The usual rest day on Monday and a short recovery run on Tuesday, so I decided I needed to try another long run on Wednesday to get used to my trainers. I've never gone all of the way down the cycle track to Stonehouse before, and I've still never found out how to get onto the Stroudwater canal! So now was the time. It was dry, warmish, and I'd had a couple of days of rest.

The cycle track is a bit boring but it was nice to see where I would end up. I eventually got to Stonehouse and turned off the path - and there was the Stroudwater Canal! At last I had found it! Lots of ideas for future runs with Rory. I wasn't that far from Saul Junction but decided that I should turn back as I was quite a distance away from home. I made my way back down the tow path towards Stroud, which was lovely! I didn't even know this path existed so it was nice to find a new route. For some of the way I had water on both sides of the path which was really pretty.

Past the locks and Ebley Wharf, and I was almost back to Sainsbury's at Cains Cross. I wasn't quite sure where to get off of the canal but I wasn't too far away from Sainsbury's when I did! From there it was easy to get back onto the cycle path and back to Nailsworth. About 18.5km and I hadn't even needed to use my gel thingy so I'm really pleased with my trainers!

Another rest day tomorrow I think!

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Many thanks for reading. Sue

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