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Avon Valley Half Marathon Run

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

A bit chilly last Saturday, but I braved my shorts for a long half marathon run down the Avon Valley path!

Half Marathon Route from St George to Bitton & Back

A bit behind in my blogging (again!) so I'll make this one quite short!

Up Trooper's Hill from Rory's . . . .

. . . . and a short run on to the Avon Valley path. No mud to worry about today but I did have my trail shoes on because we would be mostly off road. First photo stop when we got to Hanham - for the ponies of course!

Then on towards Keynsham where we found the canal next to the old Cadbury building. Unfortunately my toes started hurting quite soon because the ground was so uneven so I don't think I'll be wearing my trail shoes on the ultra.

Then on to Bitton railway station. We accidentally went a bit too far (almost to Kelson!) but found the Bath to Bristol cycle track to run back to the station. The perfect stop for a coffee!

Bitton Train Station, Bath to Bitton Cycle Track

It was really chilly at this point so not a good idea to sit about for too long.

Circled back to the Avon Valley path and back towards the ponies. Rory (although a bit nervously!) took a video as one of them has walked across the path. Nothing to be scared of!

And back to St George! A mostly flat route but a really nice one - apart from the bumpy bit that hurt my toes. Another half marathon distance done!

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Many thanks for reading. Sue

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