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Epic 17 Mile Run!!

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Really need to up my distance in preparation for 45 miles!

So I completed a 17 mile run with Rory around Bristol which was just lovely. So much nicer running with someone else and the weather was beautiful (but cold!). It was also really quiet due to lockdown.

I'd purchased a silicone gel gadget from Amazon to see if it helped my toe issue, which started to kick in at about 10k, earlier than usual! Put it over my toes whilst enjoying lovely views of the Clifton Suspension Bridge thinking that it was bound to give me blisters - but it didn't! What a relief! I was able to run further without pain which has given me a lot more confidence in managing to increase my distance.

Had planned to take some photos while running but I forgot!

Not a good idea to get a coffee on the way (lesson learnt)! Thought it would be a good idea to get a non milky Americano as we were running down Whiteladies Road to warm us up! Forgot how much hotter that was going to be compared to a Latte so had a bit of a longer break than intended and we got cold again waiting for it to cool down! Expresso next time.

Feeling really good about completing this now that I have found something to help my foot.

Aiming to do a slightly longer distance next weekend.

For anyone who would like to follow my progress on Strava, my link is

Many thanks for reading. Sue

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