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Found a New Route!

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

I've run past the turning to Lutheridge so many times and never really found out where it goes! As we were having a break from doing a long run this weekend, I thought I'd plan a medium-ish one so now was the time to see where this track went.

Upper Lutheridge, Cotswolds
I Think That's It!

It started out being quite a bright sunny day, but it got colder as I went on! Put my trail shoes on because I didn't know what to expect in this icy weather!

14k Run From Nailsworth to Nympsfield and Back Down Tinkley Lane!

Headed towards Shortwood FC and then turned off down the narrow road towards Lower Lutheridge and into the unknown! No traffic to worry about, but I wasn't sure whether that was because I was casually jogging through private tracks! Beautiful views though and no-one came out to ask what I was doing!

This track when on for quite some time!! But it wasn't muddy and it was very peaceful to run along. Went past Lower Lutheridge (which I think was just a farm) and then Upper Lutheridge (which was just a gate!) and on towards Nympsfield. The wind was definitely getting colder!

Past the dairy farm and the calves, into the centre of Nympsfield past the Rose & Crown pub, the 'book exchange', Tinkley Corner and then onto Tinkley Lane.

Then the absolutely most bitter, coldest and windiest part of my run - the very, very long Tinkley Lane back down towards Nailsworth! The wind was relentless. It was much colder than any of the long runs I'd been on with Rory, even in the snow blizzard! Tinkley Lane is so high up and very open, with no trees or houses to shelter me from the wind. The puddles weren't just frozen, they were solid ice! And it was getting particularly grey by this point.

Tinkley Lane seems to go on forever, but I did discover the cafe at Thistledown Farm (note for future reference!) which was open. I wasn't sorry to see Forest Green Rovers in the distance I have to say!

Forest Green Rovers, Nailsworth

Not far to go now. Straight down Spring Hill, took a wrong turn (how unusual!) but then the right one to head towards Chestnut Hill, Ruskin Mill, and then home.

Even the brook running down from Harley Wood had icicles on it!

Quick morning jaunt around the block the next day (Saturday) for a bit of a rest, the weather was awful on Sunday so had a proper rest (and it was Valentines Day) and then up to Minchinhampton Common on Monday afternoon for a medium run.

Got lost in the woods on Wednesday (on another new route)! I just thought I would see where the path from Newmarket went to if I didn't turn off to Shortwood. It was quite rough track through the woods which would have been great if I hadn't been on my own, but I didn't want to risk getting really lost and I didn't have my trail shoes on. This would be a good run for another time with Rory. Amazing views though across to Shortwood and far beyond!

And back to the waterwheel at Ruskin Mill!

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Many thanks for reading. Sue

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