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My Greenman Summer 45 Mile Ultra Challenge Blog!

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Well it's now official! The date has been confirmed as Saturday August 28th and we are both registered so there's no going back now! So this is my first post on my way to completing The Greenman Summer Ultra at My Just Giving Team Page at has made a good start so thank you to everyone who has donated. My team page is a little unclear as to which charity is which, but it was the only way I could put both on the same page. However it is possible to donate on my individual Just Giving Pages at for Sunflowers Suicide Prevention & Support in Stroud, or for Suicide Crisis in Cheltenham.

To make a good start I got my trail shoes out yesterday and ran up to Minchinhampton Common. Need to get used to running off road now!

Just a fast(ish) 5km down the cycle track today - don't want to overdo it! If the weather is ok tomorrow I may to for a long run. It's a very lonely thing to do but I need to up my distance if I'm going to complete this challenge!

Many thanks for reading. Sue

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