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Recovering from Half Marathon Run!

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

£765 donated already! Thank you so much to everyone who is supporting and encouraging me in my preparations for this very challenging event.

My Muddy Trainers!

So last Monday was rest day after my half marathon distance, then a short run on Tuesday to rest my poor toes. Wednesday and Thursday I risked a 10k down the cycle track in my trainers that have been through the washing machine (as did I on Wednesday with rain, sleet and snow!). Waste of time putting them through the wash as you can see! And yes, they really are that colour. Much more luminous when they were new - I'm not fussy about colour as long as they're on sale! However, they were much more comfortable than my other ones!

Planning to do a 15 mile run with Rory tomorrow, with Sophie manning the rescue car if needed! The only thing that may let me down is pain from damage to my toes on my left foot. Will see how I go - more on that in my next blog!

For anyone who would like to follow my progress on Strava, my link is

Many thanks for reading. Sue

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