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Snowy Trek to Minchinhampton Ski Resort!!

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Well I wasn't going to try getting the car out but I though I'd put on my trail shoes and see how far I could go!

Pensile Road behind - and in front! Well the sun is shining so I'll see how it goes. Very little traffic (understandably!)

And here I am at Minchinhampton 'Ski Resort'! So beautiful and definitely worth the climb.

So glad I put my 'trusted trekkies' on! Really comfortable, totally waterproof, with excellent grip on snow and ice.

Trusted waterproof trekkies!

Managed not to fall over, which was my main concern, so a much slower run than usual, enjoying the view! And no risk of low flying golf balls!

For anyone who would like to follow my progress on Strava, my link is

Many thanks for reading. Sue

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