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The Muddy Quagmire of Frome Valley Trail Path!

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Well the aim last Sunday 21st Feb (a week ago as I'm a bit behind in blog posts!) was to try and complete a marathon distance of 26.2 miles (42.2km) around Bristol, trying out some of the Greenman Ultra route. I was in two minds about whether to wear my trail shoes - I'm so glad I did! We didn't expect it to be quite as muddy as it was!

The Muddy Frome Valley Trail!

We started off full of confidence, through St George's Park, then Eastville Park towards the River Frome and the Frome Valley Walkway.

First photo stop at Snuff Mills at the beginning of the walkway.

Not too much mud so far! But then we hit the trail path along the river. It was manageable for a while but it soon became ridiculous! The last thing I wanted was wet feet when we hadn't long started!

Very Muddy Frome Valley Trail!

It took us about an hour to do just 7k, trying to avoid swamps and thick, deep mud, and we were already exhausted, but so it was unlikely that we were going to achieve a half marathon today. But we kept going along the Frome Valley in the hope that the path would be better further on. Unfortunately it wasn't and it was a relief to at last find some tarmac as we headed towards Frenchay! At least it wasn't raining as well!

A soggy jog through Kendleshire Golf Club and we were on our way to the Bristol Ringroad Path, and then the Bristol Bath Path through Mangotsfield. Decided that it was well overdue for coffee so a welcome stop while we weren't too far away from home. We still managed a very respectable 25.33k (nearly 15 miles) but we were really tired! Will have another go next week!

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Many thanks for reading. Sue

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